23 March 2010

Transfiguration: Becoming Jesus

‘If in My Name you ask Me for anything, I will do it’ (Saint John 14:14). Jesus wants us to ask Him for all we need, which, in the end, is the Holy Spirit. But He wants us to do His will, too. . . Jesus is the Way, that is, prayer and observance of God’s Commandments.

When I am united to Jesus through faith and love, every prayer I make is in the Name of Jesus – the Father sees Jesus in Me.

Just calling on His Name materially is not enough. The Father see His Son in the one who does His will. Otherwise it is a prayer devoid of power.

To begin with, Anthony, one of the first Christian hermits, was the friend of God. At the end of his life, he was transfigured; he had, as it were, become Jesus. And ‘he who sees Me sees the Father’ (Saint John 14:9).

Jesus, have mercy on me. Come, Lord Jesus, so that, united to You, I can pray for others. Lord, have mercy on us.

~ A Carthusian novice ~