08 March 2010

One Lamp, Two Flames (Una Lampada, Due Fiamme)

To seek always, in everything, the union with the Beloved.
How rich is this vocation!
But such richness, can it run in only one riverbed?
Two are the paths that bring to the same end,
different, but complementary, on account of the graces they carry.
Developing the charism entrusted by the Spirit to Saint Bruno,
They enable him to attain its fullness.
In this way two flames burn on the same lamp.
How great is its splendour!
By joining with Jesus, solitary in the Judah desert,
the cloister monks remain in the quietness of the hermitages,
called to devote themselves, in the silence of the heart,
to the adoration of the Inmost.
Clothed with priesthood’s grace, in a Eucharist
celebrated in solitude with him,
they offer each day their lives, in Christ’s, the Redeemer,
for the Father’s glory and the salvation of the world.
By joining with Jesus, Son of the carpenter of Nazareth,
the lay brothers perform in the monastery the daily duties of life,
called to devote themselves, with labour’s joy, to the inwardness
of their contemplation.
Clothed with the grace of service, in the fatigue offered in solitude with Him,
They participate in the whole man, all creatures in Christ,
the Redeemer,
for the Father’s glory and the salvation of the world.
In both of them, the same love, ardent of His Love!
It joins them tightly. . .
In both of them, the same fervour for prayer and solitude!
In spite of the differences. . .
But even though they are two, they remain one.

~ I Colori del Silenzio ~