15 March 2010

In a Family's Bosom (Nel seno di una Famiglia)

The son of Bruno doesn’t fulfil on his own this interior pilgrimage.
His home’s in the bosom of a real family: a little community
Received from God’s Heart,
where charity reigns, under the shadow of Mary, the Virgin Mother.
To join in harmony solitary and community life,
this is the grace of the Carthusian monks.
The Spirit makes of the solitaries a communion in charity,
in the likeness of the Church.
In the community the prior is the first in the service of his brothers;
as a sacrament of our Lord, listens with them the Voice of the Holy Spirit,
he discerns the desire for Love on them,
manifests the kindness with which the Father loves them.
Kernel of community life, its noblest part: liturgy.
Thrice a day assembles in the church the sons of Bruno.
There they are: only one heart for loving! One voice for praising!
The heart and the voice of the Church before the Father. . .
At midnight they are over there, side by side, for a long watch,
that celebrates the expectation of the Lord, his Resurrection.
In the morning, You, Christ, gather them again around You,
as done with friends,
so as to share Your given Body, Your shed Blood,
centre and high point of their existence,
manna of the desert where they attain Your life.
At last the evening laud, creatures’ thanksgiving.
Remaining always united, they offer to the Father the other Hours,
in the hermitages’ solitude.
On Sundays and solemnities the sons of Bruno
gather themselves more frequently.
Together, joyfully, they sing all the Hours in the church.
Together, the fraternal meal.
Together a vivid and familiar recreation.
Together again, once a week, a long walk.
Contemplating the beauty of the Beloved in the splendour of nature,
there they are, walking two by two, as brothers.
Times of meeting, simple and deep.
Partaking joys and difficulties.
Spiritual support.
Hearts’ union.
Of all, only one soul. . .

~ I Colori del Silenzio ~