02 March 2010

In the Distance, the Fire (In Lontananza, il Fuoco)

Here’s another reflection from the Museo della Certosa’s Italian publication, titled: “I Colori del Silenzio.”

Neither saints, nor supermen, the Carthusians,
but sinners, seeking His Face, inflamed by God.
Their poverty? A bond which they draw upon the world
the Father’s mercy.

Their existence? A channel of grace, by grace, for everyone.
Carried by the Church, they carry her without delay in the raised arms
of their prayer,
and the world with her.

They carry you in their hearts.
We are close to you.
No, intimacy with Love doesn’t close in oneself,
but opens up the spirit, enlarges the heart to embrace the whole universe,
every creature.

In the distance, shines the gate fire that consumes: Love!
And love is a brazier…
To answer the call of the Beloved, the sons of Bruno left the world.
But they aren’t fugitives of the world.

Separated from all, they are united to all,
in the deepness intensely.
They reach you in the invisible.
They suffer your sufferings. They hope for your expectations.

Nothing human is left foreign to them.
They offer for you their own lives.
For you, their trials.
They participate in Christ to the great redemption’s work.
Brethren of every creature…

Towards the transfiguration of Love,
in the joy of the Spirit, is ordered the whole life of Bruno’s children.
Listen, listen,
in a world that leaves God, they declare in silence:
“The thirst of happiness that steps across you all, only He may quench it!”

In silence they proclaim:
“God is only Love, Love, Love,
source of every love!
Such a great Love as to be able of filling up completely a heart!
Such a great Love, that only to Him it is possible to offer lives forever.

In a world slave of profit and efficiency,
they choose to abstain themselves from any visible activity.
It’s for chanting You better, immensity of Goodness!
So as to praise You better, Gratitude of Love, and Your Centrality!
Yes, outwardly we’ve chosen to part ourselves from you,
but so as to run towards Love,
carried by the Spirit and carrying you with us,
to illuminate you with the light of the Risen,
to warm you up in the Father’s arms.

There they are, close to you, the children of Bruno: little witnesses of Love.