13 September 2011

Lanspergius the Carthusian - Short Meditations V

Be stout and circumspect, to vanquish and purge your soul of any imperfection, although it be never so little, for the least sin that offends Me ought not to seem small in your eyes, if you perfectly love Me. Call to mind the love that you carry towards Me, which made you to contemn and forsake, for the love of Me, your parents, your brethren, your sisters, your riches, your honour, and whatsoever else that seems delightful in this present world; and to conclude even yourself, that is, your flourishing youth, and most pleasant years; how does it come, then, now to pass that you are vanquished with a most light temptation, and a vile notion of concupiscence?

You know best yourself how weak and negligent you are for the most part, and how hardly you are drawn to overcome vice, to beware of those snares which may endanger your soul, to fly the occasions and provocations of sin, to renounce your own will, and to mend the imperfections of your heart. Renew, therefore, your constant determination, resolving to persecute all vice in yourself, and to have nothing remain within you that is contrary to My will, for any worldly gain whatsoever. Do not neglect to do all those things which please Me, and follow that course of life which I require at your hands, with all care and diligence.