06 September 2011

Lanspergius the Carthusian - Short Meditations IV

Think ill of no man, and although he seems to you to be wicked, yet believe that he has been suffered to fall by some secret and hidden Providence of Mine, for the attaining of greater humility in himself, and procuring of greater profit to his soul. And you ought neither to judge nor yet despise him, but lament rather your own ingratitude towards Me, because only My grace upholds you, as it were, violently against your will; and think that without it you should fall into greater and more heinous sins than any other. Therefore say to yourself: If this man had received so much grace as I have done, he would have served God a great deal more devoutly, and have been more thankful to Him, than I have been. Believe also that as soon as I look upon him with My mercy, he will presently repent and amend; or else, that he is already reformed and made more holy than those who despise him. Therefore, ascribe your ill-conceit of him to your own fault and rash judgment, and reprehend yourself sharply because you have thought amiss of your neighbour, and done him wrong.