13 August 2010

Our Love-Reign Medicine

Wherever you are, whatever you do, or wherever you go, My Eye is never off of you, looking and searching out all your acts, all your motions, and all the secret intentions of your heart. And if any time I find in any of these the least unfaithfulness to Me, Who am most faithful, I am justly offended and angry. For I suffered not only with all patience, but even with all willingness, many affronts, reproaches, grief, and torments for your sake.

O My most beloved, to pass over in silence all the pains and torments I endured, tell me, I pray you, what man would have suffered so many and such great disgraces for his friend as I did for you? And yet I endured them when you were My enemy, when you had done no good at all, when did neither love nor know Me; before you were born I loved you, and suffered these grievous and innumerable torments for you.

Why then will you turn away yourself from Me? Why do you seek quietness without Me? You are sickly, and yet will wander abroad. If I forsake you, who will receive you? Who can cure you?

Alas, My beloved, how far you are deceived! Wherever you turn your eyes, or upon whatever you fix your mind, yet you shall find no peace, no joy, or any rest, but in Me only. Your senses deceive you, and they who seem to love you abuse you, and you also deceive yourself, when you refuse a love-reign medicine that would help you, and receive rank poison, which will kill you.

~ Alloquia Iesu Christi ad Animam Fidelem, by Lanspergius ~