17 August 2010

Our Lord's Desire for Your Soul

Alas, My beloved, alas My spouse; I stand desiring you, and waiting for you; I wish that you would return to Me with all your heart, and forsaking all vanities, apply yourself wholly to devotion, and give yourself daily to humility; that I might then vouchsafe to talk with you in more familiar sort, and rejoice your mind with far better and purer delights than those you have lain drowned.

I do not require a multitude of works by your hands, but a chaste, faithful and pure heart, which may seek to please Me, and not delight itself. I desire a sincere love and a fervent devotion, that is, a ready and forward will to honour and obey Me, and a sincere and pure intention in performing the things that I command. I wish that your heart should be clear and free of any other love, and if you would present it to Me in this way, I would endow you with greater consolations and far more excellent blessings, than you either dare to presume to desire or are able to conceive.

I am a husband that is bashful, and therefore will never come to you, when I see you busied with other matters altogether vain and unprofitable. When I come I must find you alone, for I stand knocking at your door, being very weak and quaking for cold, even in the same form that I carried, when I was unloosed from the pillar where I was bound, scourged and wounded for your sake. And this I do, that I may make an impression of Myself in your mind, wounded as I was, and that you, embracing Me with the arms of your love, I may unite you unto Me, and inflame you with My Wounds, that still burn with the fervent heat of that charity which I bear towards you.

Oh, if you would love Me as you ought to do, would you not both quickly draw Me into your heart, and also before I came, with a most desirous will, attend and long for My coming; and would you not then clothe the naked, and offer fire to warm him that is cold, that you might be worthy to receive again the chaste embracing of My love, and to enjoy the sweet taste of My Spirit?

~ Alloquia Iesu Christi ad Animam Fidelem, by Lanspergius ~