14 July 2010

Submitting Ourselves to Mary

The two paragraphs below are taken from a Carthusian publication (out of print), but every word is credited to Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort and his ‘True Devotion’.

God Who became man found His freedom in being hidden within the womb of Mary. He made His omnipotence shine forth in letting Himself be carried by the Blessed Virgin. He found His own and His Father’s glory in hiding His splendours from all creatures here below, and revealing them alone to Mary. He glorified His independence and His Majesty in depending upon that sweet Virgin, in His conception, His birth, in His Presentation in the Temple, in His hidden life of thirty years, and even in His death, where she was to be present, in order that He might make with her but one same Sacrifice and be immolated to His Father by her consent, just as Isaac of old was offered to the will of God by Abraham’s consent.

O admirable and incomprehensible dependence of a God, which the Holy Spirit could not pass in silence in the Gospel, although He has hidden from us nearly all the admirable things which that Incarnate Wisdom did in His hidden life, as if He would enable us by the revelation of that at least, to understand something of its price! Jesus Christ gave more glory to God the Father by His submission to His Mother during those thirty years than He would have given Him in converting the whole world by the working of the most stupendous miracles. Oh how highly we glorify God when, to please Him, we submit ourselves to Mary, after the example of Jesus!