09 July 2010

A New Warmth

Below are the thoughts of a very prolific Carthusian writer: he is sometimes called Dionysius and at other times he is listed as Denys the Carthusian. His love for Our Lady is evidenced here, and his words are taken from his work, ‘De Prœconio’. Our Blessed Mother, according to Denys loves all her children, even those who seem unlovable. We all fall from time-to-time, but Our Lady is always ready and willing to embrace us with her tender mercy.

You are the consolation and the hope of the most guilty of men. He who has recourse to you can never complain of your severity and harshness. To your sons, even to the most ungrateful, you are kindness and tenderness itself; for all you have the heart of a compassionate and indulgent Mother.

Despite your high estate and the indulgent privileges which you enjoy in heaven, if the most wretched, the most impure, the most despised of sinners appeals to you for help with a truly contrite and humbled heart, far from disdaining him you welcome him with a Mother’s love. You take him into your arms and, holding him close to your heart, you communicate to him a new warmth and then make his peace with the Judge he fears.

How many are the afflicted, the sinners, the utterly abandoned, who rejoice that they have found in you, O Mary most merciful, salvation and life.