07 January 2010

Forgetting Ourselves

In this short post, Dom Augustin Guillerand teaches on the subject of Prayer. In this reflection are the Latin words: Os, lingua, mens, sensus, vigor… These are words which are from the Divine Office, and more specifically, the hour of Terce. Augustin Guillerand is reflecting most especially on the words which translate as:

Let flesh and heart and lips and mind
Sound forth our witness to mankind
And love light up our mortal frame
Till others catch the living flame.

Always begin with an act of the presence of God. This is an act of faith in Divine Love: living, present, loving, looking at us, coming to our aid, keeping us ever aware of His action. We must look at Him as we would at a Father, and speak to Him accordingly. So long as we have not retracted that act – that is, so long as we have not made a contrary act or one that would imply anything to the contrary – the force of our act of faith at the beginning of our prayer persists, and every time we put away a disturbing thought we renew it.

Our greatest obstacle is when we look at ourselves. We want to know what we are doing, how we stand; but we must do just the opposite. We must make the effort to forget ourselves.

Then, too, we must not be afraid to do all our spiritual exercises with our whole being. Os, lingua, mens, sensus, vigor… God wants our faith in His love to be a full and virile act. Never mind if it does not move the emotions: that is God’s part. But if it does, so much the better.