12 June 2009

What The Holy Curé D'Ars Says About Thanksgiving

Saint Jean Marie Vianney’s love for our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is well-documented. As he was seen kneeling on the altar steps gazing at the tabernacle in what may very well have been ecstatic adoration, he would call these times spent with the tabernacle and its Resident, “bathing in the flames of love.” Some of what he shares here about thanksgiving after Holy Communion is a bit dated because he talks about those who begin praying the Rosary or read prayer books after receiving Holy Communion. That is not a common practice today but even in this great saint’s day, it was a practice that he discouraged. Here are some of his thoughts on thanksgiving.

When we have communicated, if anyone said to us, “What are you taking home with you?” we might answer, “I am taking heaven.” One of the saints used to say that we are “God-bearers.” It is quite true, but we don’t have enough faith. We do not comprehend our dignity. When leaving the holy table, we are as blessed as the Magi would have been if they could have taken away the Child Jesus.

Rise modestly, return to your place, kneel down, and do not immediately take up your book or Rosary. I do not like to see people begin to read after directly having come from the holy table. Oh, no, what good are the words of man when it is God Who is speaking? We must be like someone who is very curious and listens at the door. We must listen to all that the good God says at the door of our heart.

Thinking of your happiness in bearing Jesus Christ within you, keep guard over all your thoughts, words, and deeds that you may keep the grace of the good God all your life.

The Curé d’Ars was, one might say, magnetized to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. If anyone entered the church building needing to speak privately to Saint Jean Marie Vianney, he would step outside with that person so that reverent silence was always kept inside. When he was finished with his conversation outside, he would politely excuse himself and say that Someone was waiting for him inside.