18 June 2009

On the Eve of the Great Solemnity

O Mother of Sorrows how could you have known
As your every limb was paralyzed on the hill
That the thrust of a spear from an angry soldier
Was fulfilling your Son’s Most Holy will

That Heart, that Most Sacred Heart so tender
The Door that leads to ecstatic Eternity
Only the mysterious plan of Providence
Could make a warrior’s blade the key

Spilling Blood and Water of lasting Testament
Unlocked, His fleshy Organ of no pebble
Answering Abel’s cry from the dust of earth
Poured out for the sake of mankind’s every rebel

“Enter in silence,” the Master says, “to My Cell
Hear the faintest chants of angels in converse
My Heart is your holy Stable of Bethlehem
My sanctifying Desert of solitude, immerse”

O Mother how can I enter a place so holy
That eternally pulsating Sanctuary
“I gave Him this Heart” she said, “emptied,
Drained for love of man, be not wary”

O Light of lights overpowering the tomb
Shine on Your brethren, make them whole
O Beacon of beacons emit Your warm rays
Illumine the dark night of the soul

From the enemy’s deceiving lure, hide me, I plead
From the lion’s prey, lock me in this Sacred Booth
O Redeemer, permit me to reside in this saving City
Where even the prince of lies must speak the truth

O lance, controlled by a fist of rage
Grateful I am for opening this Sacred Chest
Now availed to me are all the King’s treasures
And to all for whom He lovingly hails blest

“Come, My love, rest here like beloved Ioannes
Enter, and firmly embrace everlasting peace”
O My Savior, my soul is punctured with guilt
Cor Iesu Sacratissimum, miserere nobis!