07 May 2009

Stewards And Caretakers Of The Altars

In order that My Body might be given honor and glory, I established the house of the Holy Church, where it was to be kept and preserved, as well as priests to be its special guardians, who in a certain way are above the angels by reason of their ministry. The One Whom angels fear to touch due to a reverent fear, priests handle with their hands and mouth.

They should be My standard-bearers and special friends by reason of the purity of their mind and body, for purity is the first position near to God, Whom nothing foul can touch nor adorn. It was not strange that marital relation was permitted to the priests of the law during the time in which they were not offering sacrifice, for they were carrying the shell, not the nut itself. Now, however, with the coming of the Truth and the disappearance of the figure, one must strive all the more fully for purity by as much as the nut is sweeter than the shell.

Clerics are ordained in order that they may become angelic men in all humility, for heaven is attained and the devil's pride is overcome through humility of mind and body.

Clerics are ordained for the purpose of being disciples of God through the constant reading of Holy Scripture. For this reason, a book is placed in their hands by the bishops, just as a sword is given to a knight, so that they understand what they must do and strive through prayer and meditation to placate God's anger for the sake of the people of God.

Clerics are ordained as guardians of God's temple and watchmen of souls. For this reason, the bishops give them keys in order that they may be deeply concerned for the salvation of their brethren and encourage them by word and deed and incite the weak to greater perfection.

They are ordained as stewards and caretakers of the altars and scorners of worldly things in order that they may serve at the altar, live by the altar, and occupy themselves with earthly matters only insofar as befits their position.

They are ordained to be apostolic men who preach the Gospel Truth and make their conduct fit their preaching.

They are ordained to be mediators between God and man through the Sacrifice of My Body.

~Revelations of Saint Birgitta of Sweden~