25 July 2011

Feast of the Apostle James the Greater

Are you able to drink of the cup that I drink of? (Saint Matthew 20:22).

But let no man be troubled at the apostles being in such an imperfect state. For the Cross was not yet accomplished, nor the grace of the Spirit yet given. But if you would learn their virtue, notice them after these things, and you will see them superior to every passion. For with this object He reveals their deficiencies, that after these things you might know what manner of men they became by grace.

That then they were asking, in fact, for nothing spiritual, neither had a thought of the Kingdom above been manifested. But let us see also, how they come to Him, and what they say. We desire that whatsoever we shall desire of You, You would do it for us (Saint Mark 10:35).

And Christ says to them, What would you want Me to do for you? (Saint Mark 10:36), not being ignorant, but that He may compel them to answer, and lay open the wound, and so apply the medicine.

- Saint John Chrysostom -