10 May 2011

Auxilium Christianorum

Sinners as we are, we are exposed to violent and repeated temptations. The more we have sinned, the more power Satan has over us; and as the implacable enemy of our souls, he has no greater wish than to see us one day share in his torments.

To that end , he exercises all his infernal malice in order to encompass our ruin. How can we escape from his wiles without powerful aid?

Ever since Mary crushed the proud head of the accursed serpent beneath her feet, she has, it is certain, a command over him in virtue of which she is able to free her children from danger. This is why she has been given the consoling title of Auxilium Christianorum – Help of Christians.

But can we expect her to use her power on our behalf if we do not call on her? How profitable, then, it is for us to invoke this great Queen frequently, in order to triumph over the temptations of the devil.

~ Dom Louis Rouvier: Novena for Festivals of the Blessed Virgin Mary ~