01 February 2011

Present unto Me a pure heart

Diligently examine yourself, and look most nearly and narrowly into yourself, that you may know what is in you, which is an impediment to you, for the receiving of My grace, that is to say, what is in you which displeases Me, that you may correct and amend it. Consider to what things, and by what means, you are tempted, and where you see yourself most sharply and often tempted, there seek to resist them with greatest diligence, and most earnestly endeavour. Where you find yourself weaker, there apply more forcible remedies quickly to vanquish them. Where you perceive any occasion which moves you to sin, or not to profit in this spiritual course, there cut off that scandal and impediment from you.

Have special care to present unto Me a pure heart; free from all uncleanness, and neither infected with any inordinate love to My creatures, nor occupied with any unnecessary business in this world, and labour evermore with all that you are able wholly to cleave unto Me, and still to rely upon Me. The cause why I do exhort you to a continual exercise of compunction is that by it you may keep yourself free from foreign or wandering thoughts, which you can never attain unto, except you be recollected in your mind. Neither can you come to be thus recollected, unless you lead an internal and solitary life, private to yourself and withdrawn from all worldy affairs. Wherefore mark with a watchful eye those vices, concupiscences, and wicked inclinations which reign in you, that you may never cease with all your might to persecute them, and willingly to mortify in yourself all inordinate affections.

~ Alloquia Iesu Christi ad Animam Fidelem, by Lanspergius ~