16 November 2010

Attend to a Continual and Internal Conversation

Seek to obtain by prayer whatever is necessary for you, saying: I fly unto You for help; teach me to do Your will, because You are my God. Do not leave me O my God, and do not depart from me; neither despise me Who are the God of my salvation. Incline Yourself to help me, O Lord, the God of my safety. Behold, I desire to return unto You, draw me after You, and never allow me again to be to be separated or withdrawn from You.

Hearken now to which I gave in commandment to one of My servants long ago, and endeavour also to fulfil it. I said unto him:

Use ever silence in thy tongue,
And have compunction in thy mind;
Be humble, courteous, meek, and mild,
If thou in Me wilt comfort find.

The same words in the same form do I speak unto you, having made it in the true measure of a verse, although you shall have less need of a measure to direct you when you come to this perfection. But I do not now deliver it unto you, as framed in measure to please your ears, but as a sovereign medicine to cure your soul. I have comprehended all those things which are necessary for you, briefly in this verse, that you may more easily retain them in your memory, and more often meditate upon them in your mind. For My will is, that you should altogether apply your endeavour to have a holy compunction for your sins, and that leaving all other business aside, you should only attend to a continual and internal conversation, and remaining weaned from all other pleasures, to be recollected into your own self, and so to continue always free from any distraction or perturbation whatsoever. Be silent in your tongue, and pure from filthiness in your heart. Be humble and meek, and remember to show yourself both courteous and gentle in all your behaviour.

~ Alloquia Iesu Christi ad Animam Fidelem, by Lanspergius ~