10 September 2010

Committing Ourselves to Divine Providence

Being unthankful offends Me, as much as fidelity contents Me, and is of all things most grievous to Me because by it they seek to renew the grief of My Passion, and vexations of My Mind, which I endured for them with an unspeakable charity. Therefore, whether it is an outward affliction of your body, or and inward affliction of your mind that happens to you, do not seek external comforts, which are worth nothing, but in all your stress fly unto Me, and make no complaint of your grief to any man, but to Me only. For what greater help can man yield to you other than giving you fair words?

If you have a spiritual Father or Confessor, I do not forbid you to disclose it unto him, but I exhort you to lay open before him the secrets of your heart, and to direct yourself in all respects according to his counsel, without yielding in any way to satisfy the fury of your passion, of labouring for some external comfort, or boasting before others of those vexations which you suffer.

Declare to Me in secret that which you would complain of before men, committing yourself in all things to My Providence, being quiet without any care or perturbation of your mind. Believe Me, you shall find a happy peace in your soul, and great consolation by this course at My Hands, although not such, perhaps, at all times as you would imagine or wish for, yet such as may most of all conform you to My will and pleasure.

If My will be done, it always pleases the faithful soul, more than the receiving of any other benefit, although in truth My will is never but to do that which may be most for her interest.

~ Alloquia Iesu Christi ad Animam Fidelem, by Lanspergius ~