18 May 2010

God's Favours Come Through the Heart and Hands of Mary

As the month of May continues, here's more on Our Blessed Mother from the Carthusians:

Our Lord said to Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: ‘No man has ascended into heaven, than He that descended from heaven, the Son of man Who is in heaven’ (Saint John 3:13). For only the Word of God can remain in heaven and yet dwell on earth; just as He alone remains in the Bosom of the Father Who generates Him.

Nevertheless, we can find something similar in our sonship of Mary. Mary gives birth to us by obtaining grace for us. But at each moment this grace is capable of receiving a new degree of intensity. Our Lady’s gift, therefore, is a continuous one. Her maternity is ever being exercised; there is no point at which she ceases to be Our Mother and to fulfil with wonderful tenderness her divinely given role.

Does not Saint Augustine declare that all the elect exist in order to be made conformable to the likeness of the Son of God; hidden, so to say, in this life in Mary’s womb where they are preserved, nourished, sustained and cared for by this best of mothers, until she brings them forth unto eternal life?

Such is the principle which explains the office of Mediatrix which the eternal Father has charged her to fulfil, in regard to His adopted sons. For it is His will that all His favours should come to us through the heart and hands of a Mother, so that we may feel ourselves loved, even in heaven, with that unique love which is the glory of motherhood.