24 February 2010

In front of Love, only love (Di fronte all'Amore, soltanto amore)

This beautiful reflection is from an Italian publication of Museo della Certosa, titled, “I Colori del Silenzio.” It’s all about the Carthusian call of staying close to Jesus, thus it’s a splendid pep-talk for us as we continue on our Lenten journey. Many passages in this reflection are references to Saint Bruno's letters and also the Carthusian Statutes.

Called by Christ, Bruno’s child,
inflamed with divine Love, leaves the world in search of eternity.
To become a song of love only for the glory of God,
that’s his life.

The Spirit whispers in him a continued murmuring:
To seek God more ardently, to find Him more quickly,
more fully, to unite to Him.

This is his alliance promise with the Beloved.
He follows in the steps of the first monks of Egypt,
with them, the same desire: constant prayer,
the same life: to hide oneself in God,
the same grace: union with the Beloved.

On the shortest way, through which he hastens,
A light guides his steps, Jesus Christ.
It is He Who nourishes him each day with His Word, a gift of His Heart,
He the One that conforms him to the Mystery of the hidden life
of Nazareth or of the desert of Judah.

Long and hard is the journey to the Promised Land,
dry are the ways which the Spirit leads him.
But one day, the desert is light.
In the profoundness of his heart, of his soul in the center part,
The secret sanctuary opens…
Behold the Source, the Living Water!
Behold his Friend, He waits for him.

O Loving Presence, that transforms him in Presence of love,
And one with You he becomes!
Now, his sole occupation is to love You,
Whether he prays, reads or works, only love You.
To remain secluded in his profound heart, peaceful and unified,
all immersed in You, O Love!
As a bird that planes at the breath of Your grace, Father,
His soul is abandonment in Your Hands.

He already enjoys a bit of Your incomparable splendor.
He already lives of a mystery whose full penetration is reserved
for heaven alone…
This travel towards God, Bruno’s son, lives it
in solitude and silence.
It is his precious part in the Spouse of Christ.

Contempt for the others?
No, the solitude of a heart completely enchanted,
overwhelmed by the beauty of the Beloved.
Love attracts him entirely to Him. How to resist Love?
Refusal to communicate?
No, silence of a life already full of the Word,
Towards which he’s all intended to listening.

The presence of Love is the only Word, beyond all other word.
Why disturb Love?