31 December 2009

He's captured me, forever I'm in chains

The poem below was written by a beautiful Carmelite soul – Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity. She wrote it for Christmas – the Christmas of 1903 to be exact. Appearing in this poem four times are the Latin words: “Amo Christum” (I love Christ), which was the motto of Dijon Carmel, where Elizabeth entered religious life. “Amo Christum” was inscribed on the crossbeams of the crucifixes given to the Sisters at their profession. Elizabeth is hailed as the “Saint of the Divine Indwelling” and this poem certainly reflects that.

There is this One Who knows all mysteries
And Who embraced them from all Eternity
And this same One… the Father’s Word He is
Splendor, that Word, of His Divinity

See that One come with Love’s excess
With charity so urgent
Say: Son of the Father’s tenderness
God gives us Him on this great day

O Word may lifelong now
I listen to You
So possessed by You
That how to love be all I know
Amo Christum

In me, a house that God is living at
This Jesus Christ, Divine Adorer there
Takes me to souls, as to the Father
That being the double movement of His prayer
Co-Savior with my Master here

Whose call to me still drives me on
For this I ought to disappear
I’m lost in Him, with Him as one
One Word of Life, with You
For always and above
Your virgin host anew
All shining forth with love
Amo Christum

His sanctuary, He rests in me
There is the peace one looks for and attains
In silence, and in deepest mystery
He’s captured me, forever I’m in chains

Ah, to Your every word to cling
Calm in the faith I’m anchored to
Adoring You, through everything
As one who only lives by You

Beneath Your splendent Light
O Word, by night and day
May I be now, outright
To Your great love, a prey
Amo Christum

Mother of God, tell me your mystery
Oh how your earthly life was spent
The way, right from the time of ‘Fiat’
How you’d be buried in adoration, Mary

Say how, in a peace, a silence, you
What mystery could enter in
To deeps that none but you could do
Bearing the guilt of God within

Secure in God’s embrace
Keep me, I ask
In me, His imprint may He place
For wholly Love is He
Amo Christum