03 October 2009

The Zeal of a Prophet Calling All Priests

In this “Year for Priests” surely many prayers like burning incense have risen to the Throne of Grace and Glory.

Saint Louis Marie de Montfort received a mission from heaven in which he was to proclaim the reign of Mary as Universal Queen and Most Holy Mother of the Church. This is an extension of the reign of Christ through His Most Blessed Mother.

Also part of that heavenly mission was to teach the world the perfect devotion to our Blessed Lady which extends to the perfect consecration to Jesus through Mary.

Saint Louis de Montfort, like a prophet of Almighty God, calls all priests to join him, to form a union which would bring strength to the mission – a mission which was confirmed by Pope Clement XI. Here’s the prophetic saint’s passionate prayer which concludes his Treatise on True Devotion:

“Let all good priests who are scattered throughout the Christian world, those who are actually in the throes of the combat and those who have withdrawn from the melée to seek the solitude of the desert, let all come and join us so that we may form beneath the standard of the Cross a real army in battle array.”

Since this a call not from Saint Louis de Montfort specifically, but a call from heaven through the lips and pen of Saint Louis de Montfort, the possibilities are limitless. Thus, there is power in devotion to our Blessed Mother, power capable of bestowing supernatural graces on all exterior undertakings devoted to the cause.

“My word, which shall go forth from My Mouth, shall not return to Me void, but it shall do whatever I please, and shall prosper in the things for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).